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Q: I've never heard of this! What exactly is it?

A: Our chakras are seven points of energy that run through the midline of our body, from our pelvis to the crown of our head. Think of them like seven little planets - you've heard of what happens when Mercury is in retrograde? That's similar to our chakras being misaligned: our own little Mercury isn't spinning properly. Blocked, unbalanced, or misaligned chakras interfere with with our mental, physical, and emotional functions. When our chakras are in balance, our energy flows in harmony, contributing to our overall wellbeing. 


Q: What does a session involve? 

A: We begin each session with a consultation to discuss your concerns or needs. This is a very important component of chakra balancing. Sometimes defining or pinpointing the problem is difficult. Do you ever just feel "off"? You're not quite yourself, or you get frustrated easily and can't really explain why? Maybe you are struggling to express your thoughts? Let's talk about it. Some people have physical sensations that correlate with these undefined emotions, and the location of those sensations can be an indicator of which chakra is in need of extra attention. Once we determine your needs, we proceed by assessing your energy with a crystal pendulum, then begin the balancing using energized crystals and celestial tuning forks. 

Q: What are celestial tuning forks?

A: These are very different from tuning forks used in music. They were developed by Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto to mathematically correlate with the planetary orbits in our solar system. Each planet emits a specific energetic frequency, measurable in Hertz; each of our chakras also emits a specific frequency, and they happen to correspond to the planets. Remember the analogy about our own little Mercury? The tuning forks used in chakra balancing are tuned very precisely to each of these planetary frequencies because we are, literally, one with the universe. The good news is that just because Mercury goes into retrograde doesn't mean we have to, thanks to chakra balancing. 

Q: What do crystals have to do with it?

A: Crystals are some of the most stable and orderly forms of matter on earth, and exist without breakdown or variation for millions of years. They possess pure and unchanging atomic vibrations, and those vibrations are able to influence energies around them. The consistency of a crystal's inherent energy allows it to take dissonant (or variable) energy and organize it into a more stable, harmonious state. When used in chakra balancing, the crystals interact with the electromagnetic field of our very own body, attuning our physical energy and ultimately shifting brain function. The crystal pendulum that is used to assess your chakra energies is composed of 7 different crystals, all layered, to correspond with the seven chakras. This is because the composition of each type of crystal "communicates" with a specific chakra. It's all about energetic vibrations!

Q: Will I feel anything? 

A: There is very little physical contact during a chakra balancing session. You begin laying on your stomach (like you would for a massage). You will feel as I place the crystals along your chakras and again as I remove the crystals before you turn over onto your back. (This therapy can be performed in an upright seated position, but I find that when you are laying down you can more completely relax your physical state.) Some people can feel a minor shift that is often hard to describe as the chakras come into a harmonious balance; others experience a deep emotional release that can invoke crying. Most commonly, when the session is completed there is a sense of lightness, as if a weight has been lifted. In the days that follow there may be other physical sensations that manifest as a result of energy shifts, such as warmth over the solar plexus or tingling of the scalp near your crown chakra. These are all perfectly normal responses as we come into a state of attunement.

Q: Is there anything specific I need to do?

A: I highly recommend wearing comfortable clothing; the more physically relaxed you can be, the more receptive your body will be to energy shifts. You also need to increase your water intake before and immediately after each session. Our bodies (and each of our body's individual cells) are more than 70% water, and we've just finished a pretty significant vibrational therapy, so water intake will keep those cells happy and energetically correct. 

Q: How often should I do this?

A: As often as you want! Chakra balancing can be performed on a weekly basis, any time you are feeling slightly off, or if you are going through a particularly stressful life event. I strongly suggest a follow-up session one week after your first balancing to reinforce the positive flow of energy through your chakras.

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