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Q: I've never heard of this! What exactly is it?

A: Also known as lip blushing, this semi-permanent cosmetic procedure utilizes a rotary pen to implant medical grade pigment into the lips to give a fresh, vibrant boost to your smile. Lip blushing can create the appearance of fullness without the use of fillers, and can also correct mild asymmetries and even out natural color irregularities. Color selection can be completely customized for your individual goals, and saturation level can also be adjusted - we can create a natural, youthful flush like a lightly tinted gloss, or go for a bold, more opaque lipstick look. With proper care lip micropigmentation can last as long as three years. 


Q: What is a treatment like? 

A: The very first thing we do is a thorough consultation to discuss exactly what you want for your final outcome. Next we discuss color: there are several colors to choose from, and they can be combined to create a formula as unique as your personality. (If you have a favorite lipstick or gloss that you wear frequently, it's helpful to bring it along so we know what you tend to prefer.) After that, we spend a lot of time carefully creating the outline for what will soon be the shape of your lips. This process takes time, and we want it to be perfect! Once the outline is complete, a topical numbing cream will be applied and you'll relax for about 20 minutes, and then the pigment implantation will begin. The device uses sterile single-use needle cartridges designed specifically for this treatment (from the company Tina Davies Professional, if you want to check them out!), and we'll take breaks as needed to keep you comfortable. Several passes will be needed to implant the color as evenly as possible - any remaining uneven areas will be touched up at your required follow-up appointment, 6-8 weeks after the initial service. 

Q: What is the healing process like?

A: Immediately upon completion of your service, your lips will be extremely swollen. (Like, your lips will show up 5 minutes before the rest of you wherever you go.) So don't freak out, this is totally normal and the majority of the swelling dissipates within the first 24 hours, however it can linger for up to 3 days. The color will also appear very dark and saturated (also normal, it's important to remember that it will fade by 40-60%). Over the next few days the lips will become dry and flakey and may feel irritated. You'll be given some after care product at your appointment and home treatment will be discussed and written down for you. It is critical during this time that you follow your home care instructions completely and you do not pick, rub, or scrape your lips. The color may also appear patchy through this process as well, but this is not necessarily indicative of how the healed result will look. The lips will take several days to flake, and during this time the color may go through several stages. The final healed result will be apparent around 4 weeks after your appointment. Several more weeks are given to allow the skin to heal before your touch-up appointment. Once you've healed from your touch-up appointment, your lips will remain luscious for 1 to 3 years!

Q: Is there anyone who cannot receive this service?

A: Yes: anyone with diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, pregnancy or nursing, active cancer or within the first year of remission, active cold sores/skin lesions/open facial wounds or sunburn are ineligible to receive this service. Anyone with an autoimmune or immunosupressive condition should check with their physician first as the healing process could be compromised or exacerbate the condition. Anyone who has ever had a cold sore at any time in their life must pre-medicate with acyclovir (Valtrex) for several days prior to this service (specific instructions will be discussed upon booking an appointment). Cold sore - also known as HSV1 or herpes zoster - is a virus that lives in a dormant state along a nerve path and can be triggered to surface in cases of stress or trauma. The lip pigmentation procedure can prompt an outbreak and would be detrimental to healed results. Knowing your health history is vital to providing you with the safest options and ensuring properly healed results, please rest assured that this information will be treated with the same level of confidentiality as a doctor's office. 

Q: Sounds awesome! How often can I do this, and how long does it last? 

A: You will have a touch-up appointment 6-8 weeks after your initial service to even out any areas that may not have taken enough color. It will essentially be a repeat of your first treatment with possibly fewer passes. This would also be the opportunity to add saturation if you decide you want a more intense color. After the follow-up appointment has healed you can expect your lip blush to last from 1 to 3 years. Ways to prolong the color include the daily use of an SPF lip balm, not chewing on lips, avoiding acids, and not smoking. You can get yearly color if you prefer to not have it fade, or if you choose to go darker.  

Q: Can men have this done?

A: Absolutely. Many men prefer to have a subtle enhancement to the color of their lips, or to create an even lip tone or create more contrast to their facial skin. The great thing about this treatment is that it can be fully customized, so outcomes can be as subtle or as bold as you like. 

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