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Q: I've never heard of this! What exactly is it?

A: Microcurrent is a pain-free, non-invasive method of toning and tightening the facial muscles, resulting in a lifted youthful appearance. It utilizes a low level electrical current that mimics the body's own bioelectric impulses  to re-educate the muscles and stimulate production of collagen, elastin, and ATP. These energizing processes over time give the appearance of a facelift without having to go under the knife. 


Q: What are the benefits? 

A: Microcurrent is essentially exercise for your face, like face pilates (and exercise is good!). And like consistent exercise, consistent microcurrent treatments tone and tighten superficial facial muscles, resulting in a tightened and smoothed appearance of the skin. Jowls and brows are lifted, offering a more "awake" look, expression lines round the eyes, forehead and lips are smoothed minimizing the need for injectables. ATP production is increased by 500%, supercharging the production of collagen and elastin, similar to the way metabolism increases with exercise.  But the greatest benefit to microcurrent is that it is completely painless and requires zero recovery time or down time. Spark some water cooler gossip and have an express session on your way into the office or on your lunchbreak! It'll be our little secret, I promise.

Q: Wait...what is ATP and why is it important?

A: Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the "life energy" of our cells and is responsible for a number of biological processes, including protein synthesis. When we're young, energy production in our cells is constant and abundant (think of a fully charged battery). At some point in our mid-thirties that battery starts to slow down and energy production decreases.  The result is a reduction in our cells' ability to create collagen and elastin and the muscles cells become laxed and lose the energy to remain firm. When microcurrent technology is applied, our cellular batteries are boosted and energy production speeds up again. Performed regularly, microcurrent keeps these cell functions operating at a consistently higher level, which in turn improves muscle strength, allowing them to hold their shape. The overlying skin then becomes smooth, plump, and radiant.

Q: What's the treatment like?

A: Two points of contact (either rounded metal prongs or conductive gloves) are placed at specific points on your face or neck. Tiny pulses of electricity (you know, micro currents) jump from point to point exactly the same way that your body’s own muscles generate electric pulses to move. This microcurrent is making your facial muscles flex and relax, flex and relax--no different from a workout at a gym. Imagine that you’re lifting weights or doing yoga--you flex your arm and stretch it, then relax it, and by doing this repeatedly you increase muscle tone. And it’s exactly that tone that you’re looking for in your face! Interestingly, you will not feel these pulses. Microcurrent is sub-sensory, so muscle twitching cannot be seen or felt. Visible twitching is a sign that that current is too intense and can actually decrease ATP output. Two things that you will likely experience are flashes of light behind the eyes and a metallic taste in the mouth. These are results of current activity across specific nerves; they are perfectly normal sensations that subside immediately upon completion of the service.  

Q: Sounds awesome! How often can I do this, and how long does it last? 

A: You won't get washboard abs after one situp! The same theory applies to microcurrent. The more consistent you are with scheduling treatments, the faster you'll see results, and the longer those results will last. Subtle improvements can be seen in a single treatment, so microcurrent is perfect before a special event. The effects of microcurrent are cumulative, so each session builds upon the last, and for this reason it is best to perform microcurrent in a series to see lasting effects. Consistent treatments help re-educate the muscles and with each treatment your facial muscles grow stronger and hold the lift longer. It is ideal to receive 2-3 treatments each week for a total of 12 treatments, then once monthly for maintenance. This can all be accomplished with the full facial or the express treatments - whatever is most conducive to your schedule. 

Q: Is there anyone who cannot receive microcurrent?

A: While microcurrent is generally safe as it mimics our own biological processes, there are some circumstances where it would not be an appropriate service, including (but not limited to): presence of a pacemaker or other electrical implant, pregnancy, epilepsy, active cancer, heart conditions, uncontrolled diabetes, or recent facial surgery (dental implants and/or fillings are not affected by microcurrent). Botox and fillers are not necessarily contraindications, but should settle for 4 weeks before receiving microcurrent services.

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