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Q: What facial and skin care services are available?

A: At Envision Esthetics, we offer a variety of facial services all designed to help you achieve your skin goals in a safe, effective, and healthy way.  All of the products used for these treatments are professional grade and optimally formulated to not only get you the results you desire, but also nourish your skin with healthy, nutritious ingredients.  Whether you're looking to reduce dark spots or discolorations (hyperpigmentation), minimize lines and wrinkles, diminish the appearance of acne scars, improve texture, or simply hydrate and relax, we have a facial treatment just for you. Follow us on Facebook (@envisiontampabay) and Instagram (@envisiontampabay) to stay up to date on the latest facial treatment options.


Q: What do your facial services include?

A: Most facials include a two-step cleansing process, some form of exfoliation, a relaxing massage, customized serums or peptides, a finishing mask appropriate to your skin type and needs, and a mineral sunscreen. A complete health history is obtained prior to any service, so please disclose any and all allergies, sensitivities, or conditions that may influence our choice of ingredient or products. A consultation is also conducted to ensure your skin concerns are properly addressed and the appropriate treatment is selected. 


Q: What is dermaplaning exfoliation?

A: It's magical, that's what it is! Dermaplaning, also called dermal leveling, is a manual exfoliation technique - meaning it's done by hand without a machine - that gently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells and removes fine (vellus) facial hair, or peach fuzz. The result is deliciously smooth, supple, glowing skin. Dermaplaning enhances the skin's ability to absorb the serums and peptides that follow, increasing their effectiveness and amplifying your results; it also creates a flawless surface for makeup application. Collagen production is increased by the exfoliating process, and over time dermaplaning can improve the appearance of minor scars, dark spots, and fine lines. There is no pain associated with dermaplaning, you'll feel a gentle grazing sensation, and there is no redness or downtime. Dermaplaning is safe for all skin tones and skin types except those with inflamed acne.


Q: What other types of exfoliation are available?

A: The gentlest exfoliation is ultrasonic. A small handheld device "vibrates" over your skin, gently lifting away dead skin cells and encouraging pore purge. This is an excellent treatment for congested skin, especially over the nose, and for minor acne across the chin and forehead. Another type of exfoliation is diamond exfoliation. This is performed with surgical-grade steel hand tools coated with finely crushed cosmetic diamonds, and through a multi-step process polishes away dull, rough skin during massage-type movements. Diamond exfoliation is very similar to microdermabrasion only there is no suction, so it is much gentler and beneficial to all skin types, including sensitive skin. It can even be performed over the lips and eyelids, giving every inch of your complexion renewal and rejuvenation. Unlike dermaplaning, diamond exfoliation does not remove any vellus facial hair.  It is a safe, holistic alternative to chemical peels, and results in improved sun damage, increased tone and texture, softened lines, and assists with clearing pores. Exfoliation can also be achieved with either enzymes or fruit/veg/plant based "peels," which are very mild exfoliants and require no down time like more intense chemical peels. These can also be easily combined as a customized treatment for your specific skin type and concern.


Q: What if I fall asleep?

A: If you fall asleep during your've made my day! Falling asleep is the highest compliment because it tells me that you are completely relaxed and totally blissed out. (I don't even mind if you snore.) I'll continue the service and gently wake you when we're done. 

Q: Are there services for men?

A: Absolutely! Men have faces too! All of our facial services are designed for men or women, and gentlemen with beards or facial hair receive a complimentary beard treatment to address the the underlying skin. 

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