Eliminate or lighten unwanted body art with this needling procedure that physically withdraws pigments out of the skin by using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and microcurrent technology. Homecare product is essential to obtain optimal outcomes and is available separately ($15 +tax).


1"x1"    175       2"x2"   225       3"x3"   300       4"x4"   375          Brows   250

Minimalist tattoos smaller than 1"x1"    150       

Tattoos larger than 4"x4" will require a consultation and customized pricing.

Active duty military and first responders flat rate any size up to 4"x4"   125 

**A portion of all tattoo removal services will go toward aiding survivors of human trafficking.**


Non-surgical microneedling treatment for the scalp or eyebrows that uses specified growth factors and stem cells to revive thinning hair and generate healthy new growth. A minimum of of 6 treatments is recommended, and additional home care product is necessary for optimal results.

Brows Series (6 treatments)    540          Brows Maintenance    100         

Scalp Series (6 treatments)     750          Scalp Maintenance     140


Like Pilates for your face, this service will lift, tone, firm, and tighten. MyoLiftTM True Microcurrent technology mimics the body's own electrical current to re-educate your facial muscles and stimulate collagen in a safe and effective way.  This non-surgical facelift is perfect before a special event, and over time reduces the need for injectables..

Microcurrent with facial    150

Express total facelift   95

Express lift: eyes and cheekbones   75

Express lift: mouth and jawline   65

Express lift: forehead and "elevens"   55


Manual exfoliation that also removes fine facial hair ("peach fuzz"), providing anti-aging benefits and helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. 

Facial with customized serums and treatment mask     140

Express service     85


Energized tuning forks are used to restore balance of the 7 chakras, bringing inner balance, harmony, and contentment. Perfect for when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just not quite like yourself. A brief consultation is conducted prior to starting the session in order to make sure your specific needs will be addressed.

Energy Session and consultation     75


Create a uniform color of underarms, knees, elbows, and intimate areas with this gentle skin lightening treatment. A series of 3-5 treatments is recommended, and additional home care products are necessary for optimal results.


Underarms Series (3 treatments)     270            Underarms Maintenance   100

Knees/Elbows Series (3 treatments)     270     Underarms/Elbows Maintenance     100

Inner Thighs Series (3 treatments)     335          Inner Thighs Maintenance     125

Intimate Series (3 treatments)     335                  Intimate Maintenance     125


A revolutionary style of guided meditation, binaural beats combined with synchronized light patterns deliver wellness and energy healing like no other. Audio-visual Nirvana, disguised as a power nap.  Longer programs  address specific concerns, while shorter programs are available for a lunch break energy lift.

20 Minute Programs     30

       Choice of: Energizing Power Nap, Siesta 

30 Minute Programs     45  

       Choice of: Relaxation, Memory Retention, Focus, Concentration

45 Minute Programs     65 

       Choice of: Stress Reduction, Positivity

60 Minute Programs     75  

       Choice of: Full Body Total Relaxation

**College students with a valid photo ID will receive a customized treatment designed to optimize study skills and enhance test performance**


Also known as microneedling, this minimally invasive skin restoration treatment encourages the production of new collagen collagen, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and hyperpigmentation. This service includes a home care product kit to ensure optimal healing and outcomes.

Microneedling for face and neck     250       add decollete     50


Microneedling treatment that diminishes the appearance of scars* and stretch marks. (Not all scars are treatable; consultation required)

Pricing is variable depending on the size of the scar being treated     75 and up